Oil Industry: Upcoming Jobs in Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

As per market scenario, an oil driller predicted that about 190,000 jobs are likely to be created if offshore production in the United States returns to pre-BP blowout levels.

According to the studies, Quest Offshore Resources said that the alteration in the federal government’s permitting process will have positive affect on energy activity. This will boost energy production in Gulf of Mexico up to 70 percent.

Jack Gerard, the president and chief executive officer of the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, said that ongoing reformation in oil industry will open a new door for jobs if everything goes well. He also remarked that safety precautions will be taken to re-hire people who can work for future energy growth.

Oil companies were not on track after President Obama made strict rules for drilling in gulf unless meeting all safely standards. The order was passed out because of an unfortunate incidence at the BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig that speared everybody’s mind when about 11 workers were killed along with more than 200 gallons of oil spilled resulting in the biggest offshore tragedy.

The oil industry commented that the government is very slow in taking the decision to re-start the permit process.

Gerard said that removal of blockages for offshore and online oil production can increase tax revenues and jobs in Gulf. They are prerequisite for a fresh start.

Image Credit: CreativeCommons/US Coastguard / Lt.j.g. Brian Moore

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